Zilli & Bellini monoblocks are suitable to fill and close food products or flat soft drinks in round or shaped bottles made of glass and plastic materials.

The idea of the monoblock is to have more than one station installed in the same base frame: in this way it is possible to have an integrated system to clean, fill and close the containers.

One of the advantages of this solution is that the containers, after the filling phase, are moved in a synchronized monoblock in order to eliminate spillage of the product before the closing phase. We also eliminate any damage of the packaging.

A precisely timed drop of liquid Nitrogen (NL2) can be dosed into the headspace.

The monoblocks can handle round or shaped bottles made of glass and plastic materials.

The capping turret can close different kinds of cover made from different kinds of material in accordance with the Customer’s specifications

The empty containers can be cleaned with different kinds of cleaning media in accordance with the Customer’s specifications.

From 10 to 1200 c.p.m. according to the product and container size.

It is possible to fill from liquid to very dense products with or without pieces.

Zilli & Bellini can provide a system for the automatic cleaning of the monoblock

Several models are available based on the speed, size and product.

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