Steriflow Monofan Steristeam Air Steam

Static Monofan Air Steam
Filled retort baskets are inserted into the STERISTEAM. The door is closed then locked automatically through a hydraulic cylinder. The door is mechanically blocked throughout the entire cycle. Pre-heating of the enclosure is carried out by direct-steam-injection. Preheating temperature can be adjusted ((e.g. 100°C – 0.2 bar) and air vent valve open. Adjustable period (e.g. 5 minutes). Heating phase can be started. Heat is produced in the enclosure by directsteam-injection. Dissemination will be made between each basket. Graduated acting steam valve opening is monitored by MPI until the set temperature is reached, for instance 121°C. In this heating-up phase, the fan is on. The operation of the fan is continually monitored. Condensates are stored in the lower part of the enclosure. Once the scheduled duration of the bearing comes to an end : pre-cooling starts. It is performed by injecting cold water in the vessel via two lateral spray headers. This water accumulates at the lower section in addition to the condensates previously accumulated. The water level is controlled by a radar level and managed by MPI. Once the set temperature is reached, final cooling is carried out by cascading recycled water on the load. How does the cascading system operates ? Recycled water is made with steam condensate previously accumulated in previous phases as well as water make up. The mixture is pumped at the sterilizer lower section through the secondary circuit of an external heat exchanger (plates and gaskets), and returned on water distributor laid out on top of the load to cool.

Technical specifications :

Standard diameters:
• 1,300 mm.
• 1,450 mm.
• 1,600 mm.
• 1,800 mm.
• 2,000 mm.

• Perfect reproducibility of the programmed cycles.
• Homogeneity of treatment with a powerful fan.
• A proven and reliable design with all common diameters.
• Powerful cooling system to optimize the cycle time.
• Ability to dry product at the end of the cycle.

Product and packaging types
• Bags of saline solution
• Blister pack

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