Steriflow Static Cascading Water

Steriflow Static for the discharge of superheated water
Each cycle takes place automatically, in conformity with the saved parameters, including highly accurate control of air back-pressure regardless of the temperature. Water is sprayed over the products to be treated with great intensity. The hydraulic circuit of water in S* takes place as follows: pumping, Platular® exchange, douching arrangement, water flow over the products, douching and filtration arrangement, pumping. STERIFLOW water flow system allows the refrigeration of products, using sterile water.
This autoclave is perfectly adapted for < 105°C processes.

Technical specifications :
Standard diameters:

• 900 mm.
• 1,300 mm.
• 1,450 mm.
• 1,600 mm.
• 1,800 mm.
• 2,000 mm.
• 2,100 mm (the first of its category in 1982),
• 2,300 mm (the first in 1984).
• Capacity from 2 to 7 baskets (depending on diameter).

• Perfect reproducibility of the programmed cycles.
• Air back-pressure management regardless of the temperature.
• Minimal maintenance costs.
• Designed in a way that maximally reduces the amount of liquid used in the process.

Product and packaging types
All types of packaging including:

• large pouches
• Non-PVC pouches
• Glass or plastic ampoules
• Bottles
• Glass bottles

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